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Welcome to AboutMotorhomes, an informational resource guide to motorhome beginners embarking on a fabulous pastime that could soon become a way of life. The site details the different type of motorhomes available and the basic components of a motorhome. Other site pages explore topics such as VW CamperMotorhome Accessories, Motorhome Maintenance, Motorhome Insurance and Guide to Purchasing and Renting a Motorhome.

Motorhomes were manufactured in Europe as far back as the 1920's, but it wasn't until the 1960's that the iconic Volkswagon Campervan became a popular sight on roads. Likewise the US has seen almost a century of Recreational Vehicles, leading to vehicles that today rival modern luxury apartments.

Types Of Motorhomes
C Class Motorhomes (Aka Alcove or Coachbuilt) - The manufacturer takes a chassis and cab from the commercial vehicle manufacturer (most commonly Fiat Ducato), but fits their own (usually fibreglass) body to the rear. Typically C Class Motorhomes have an overhead bed above the cab. This adds more space but does come at an aerodynamic cost that affects fuel consumption. Ideal for families as extra "luton" bed comes without impacting the living space. Read more on C Class Motorhomes.  C-Class Motorhome
 Low Profile - Similar to the C-Class, but with no over-cab bed space (may have small storage space). As name implies, it's not as high and often suitable if you don't require so many berths. Generally looks and performs better than the C-Class - perfect for couples or small families.
 Low Profile
 A-Class - The manufacturer uses the chassis from the commercial vehicle, and fits their own cab and body. This has the advantage of more integration between the cab and living space. Features such as a pull-down bed and swivel chairs in the cab make the extra cost money well spent. More details....  A Class
 Panel Van / Van Conversion - These motorhomes are based on a commercial metal-panelled van. Smaller in size, features and budget. Often a popular DIY conversion choice, but also many small custom building workshops providing a good quality conversions.
 Panel Van
 Recreational Vehicle - US styled larger vehicles. Often bus-sized and big on features.  RV
VW Motorhomes - Volkswagen made their first leisure vehicle in the 1940's and these iconic vehicles have changed much over the decades. Affectionately known as the VW Kombi van, they have become a firm favourite for reconditioning and renovation amongst enthusiasts. Read more on VW Motorhomes  


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